• Angola: Organizing logistics and administration
  • Sub-Saharan Africa: Various market entry analyses
  • Ethiopia: Determining the financial situation of an agri business
  • Ethiopia: Organizing the administration of an agri business
  • Tanzania: Financial management of a hospital
  • Tanzania: Devising a marketing plan
  • South Sudan: Setting up a planning and control cycle
  • Burkina Faso: Analysing the reporting process
  • Ethiopia: Evaluating the performance of a university college
  • Madagaskar: Rewriting the business plan and organizing the administration
  • Tanzania: rewrite the business plan and consult on future scenarios for an ecolodge


  • India: Aligning strategy, finance and HRM
  • Indonesia: Rewriting a business plan to incorporate cash flows
  • Indonesia: Implementing new administrative software
  • India: Field analysis of the effectiveness of an agricultural programme
  • Romania: Starting up a social venture
  • Bangladesh: Analysing management information systems in place